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Breastfeeding Intensive DVD

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Breastfeeding Intensive DVD

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Breastfeeding Intensive DVD


This 45-minute excerpt of Breastfeeding Comprehensive focuses on how to breastfeed for exclusive, long-term success. Designed to meet the needs of busy moms, practitioners, and breastfeeding educators, Breastfeeding Intensive is perfect for class use, individual instruction, and review. Clearly marked chapters allow the viewer to pause for breaks, discussion, or review. The following topics are discussed: * Benefits of breastfeeding * Preparation before delivery * Getting off to the right start * Correct positioning * Proper latch-on * Suckling reflex * Let-down technique * How the breast makes milk * Colostrum to mature milk * Fore milk and hind milk * How often to breastfeed * Signs baby's getting enough milk * Problems and solutions * Finding help and support groups * Safe medications for the lactating mother * Expert instruction and education * Mother to mother advice