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  1. Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor

    Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor


    The Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor is a handy vehicle adaptor that is compatible with Freestyle, Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps (produced before January 2008) and Lactina.

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  2. Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor

    Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor


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    With the Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor, you can privately pump inside the comfort of your vehicle.

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  3. Medela Battery Pack 12VLT

    Medela Battery Pack 12VLT


    The Medela Battery Pack 12VLT is a handy battery pack when you can’t find a power outlet.

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  4. Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set

    Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set


    This Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set makes it easier to bring breastmilk bottles wherever you go. Plus, it is compatible with Medela breastmilk bottles.

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  5. Medela Breastmilk Storage Magnet

    Medela Breastmilk Storage Magnet


    The Medela Breastmilk Storage Magnet gives new mothers a handy guide for breastmilk storage.

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  6. Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution

    Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution


    The Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution keeps breast-pumped milk organized and clean. The set of bottles, lids and bags are BPA-free so it is safe for babies as well.

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  7. Medela Container Stand

    Medela Container Stand


    The Medela Container Stand keeps your Medela bottles upright and safe from toppling over.

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  8. Medela Nipple Cap

    Medela Nipple Cap


    The Medela Nipple Cap is a replacement or extra bottle cap that works with Medela Bottles.

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  9. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag

    Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag


    This Medela made breastpump provides portability and unparalleled reliability for moms who daily pumps.

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  10. Medela Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes

    Medela Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes


    With this Medela wipes, you can keep your Medela breastpumps clean without using water and soap. It is also safe to use on surfaces of countertops, chairs and cribs.

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