Boob Scoop

Boob Scoop: When a baby breastfeeds, she can comfort suck after a feeding to help herself settle. However, with a bottle she may appear to still be hungry when all she really needs is more sucking time. A slow flow bottle nipple helps with this because it offers the baby an opportunity for additional sucking time and a chance for the baby to realize that she is full. A slow flow bottle can be particularly helpful when a baby is in daycare: a mom may begin to doubt her milk supply if her baby is drinking more than the she is pumping at work. But it may not be that the baby needs more breastmilk in the bottle but rather that she needs more sucking time. Besides using a slow flow bottle nipple, a pacifier or other soothing methods, like being carried in a sling or carrier, can help a baby to settle after a feeding.

Sharen Medrano, Yummy Mummy Support Group IBCLC (