Boob Scoop

Boob Scoop: One of the biggest questions breastfeeding moms have is “how often should I feed my baby?” It’s a tricky question to answer because breastfed babies tend to not feed at fixed intervals or schedules, primarily because a baby does not receive the same amount of milk at each nursing session. Rather, she drinks just what she needs at each feeding. In addition, the composition and volume of breast milk changes throughout the day, so for one feeding a baby may drink 4oz while for another she’ll drink 2oz, yet feed equally satiated. More importantly, these breast milk properties help babies self-regulate their feedings. They feed until they feel content and slow down or delatch once they are done. Interestingly, learning to self-regulate by breastfeeding has been linked to a decrease in obesity in infancy and later on in life. Sharen Medrano, Yummy Mummy Support Group IBCLC (