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6 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Successful Nursing

Amanda Cole knows a thing or two about nursing. Not only does she own a successful breastfeeding specialty store -- Yummy Mummy -- in New York City, but she's also a lactation expert and mom-of-two (she has a 1-month-old son and 2-year-old daughter). Lucky for us, she was more than willing to share her secrets to making the experience enjoyable for both mom and baby. Check out her easy-to-follow tips below.

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From the 2010 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine

Yummy Mummy

Amanda Cole opened her store—part gear provider, part community support center—after having a difficult time breast-feeding her daughter. Apparently she wasn't the only one: The day before she opened Yummy Mummy last May, customers were pounding on the door. Cole carries all manner of nursing accoutrements, from the necessities (bras, ointments, pillows), to the kind of clothing mothers would wear even if they didn't need to (smock blouses and camis from Swedish line Boob, in particular). She also seeks out unusual items like a line of silicone compression underwear to help with C-section recovery. Though the store is a big breast-feeding advocate, it's not exclusionary—it stocks pumps and bottles and rents hospital-grade pumps ($40 a week, plus $15 for delivery). One or more times a day, the store transforms into a salon for weekly lactation classes, prenatal yoga and Pilates, and breast-feeding support groups.

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WHEN Jessica Jochim returned to work after her three-month maternity leave, she was the envy of her co-workers at Babies "R" Us. Mrs. Jochim, who had gained 40 pounds carrying her first child, steadily slimmed until she was a size 4 again. Yet, exercise was a pre-baby relic. She wasn't dieting, either. In fact, every two hours, she snacked as if on cue.

What was her secret? Breast-feeding her newborn James on demand, and using a breast pump to take milk home to him.

"All the ladies at work started joking they were going to go in back and pump so they could start losing weight like I was," said Mrs. Jochim, a mother of three from Vancouver, Wash. "I had a baby suckling 600 calories a day out of me."

That breast-feeding gives mothers an edge shedding baby weight has long been suspected. But lately, a parade of celebrities has attributed their postpartum slimming to nursing, bringing this age-old topic back into the spotlight. Adding to the conversation is a large study that suggests that weight loss through breast-feeding is not a myth.

Earlier this year, Rebecca Romijn, who wore a shrink-wrapped outfit in "X-Men," called breast-feeding her new twins "the very best diet I've been on." After Angelina Jolie posed for the November 2008 cover of W magazine nursing one of her twins, she said that it had helped her regain her figure. (That cover made her an icon among breast-feeding advocates and inspired a bronze statue of a nude Ms. Jolie double-nursing her newborns that was exhibited in London last month.)

These days, more than ever, a mother is expected to bounce back from pregnancy and be a "yummy mummy" in no time. Skin-care lines like Mama Mio target mothers with firming creams like Boob Tube. Nursing mothers can buy form-fitting tops at <strong></strong> so they can flaunt their shape as they push their Bugaboo.

Is it any wonder that some new mothers are quietly thrilled at the calorie cushion that breast-feeding provides? "Nobody wants to admit they are doing it for themselves, or 'I'm doing it to help myself look hot again,'" said Jesse Comer, from Portland, Ore., whose main motivation to breast-feed was her baby's health. "It;s tough to admit to other people that everything isn't about the baby." But Ms. Comer, like many mothers interviewed for this article, "felt like until the weight was off, I wouldn't feel myself."

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Recently Opened

It takes a kind and patient soul to explain to a brand-new dad the mechanics of breast pumps, and Amanda Cole, owner of Yummy Mummy, has it down pat. "They're so sweet when they come in," she says, as she turns to a dazed but beaming father and compares the pump he's eyeing to a Mercedes-Benz. Cole, a lifelong Upper East Sider, decided to launch the business this past spring, when her own daughter was just a few months old. "I had a hard time getting the hang of nursing, and I realized the neighborhood needed a place like this," she says.

Faster than you can say "clogged milk ducts," Yummy Mummy, with its soothing pale-yellow walls and user-friendly displays, was open. The store sells everything a nursing mom could ever need&mdash;shields, balms and pillows as well as chic outfits from Boob and Majamas&mdash;and hosts weekly support groups and classes. And if you choose not to nurse, you're just as welcome: An entire wall is devoted to bottles.

1201 Lexington Ave between 81st and 82nd Sts (212-879-8669,

Time Out New York Kids / Issue 47 : Sep 1-30, 2009

Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

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BFF (Breast Friends Forever)

Yummy Mummy Opens You have it in your head how this whole bundle of joy thing plays out. After an easy-breezy pregnancy, your wee one takes to the breast instantaneously, protecting herself from allergies, while sucking off all your baby weight.


More than likely, you'll encounter a few bumps (and blisters) on the way to breast-feeding bliss.

Yummy Mummy, the Upper East Side's new one-stop shop for all things nursing, has the supplies and support you need to make the whole lactation experience as stress free and rewarding as possible. With everything from nursing bras and pads to pumps and helpful DVDs, your transition from hospital to home will be a cinch. In addition, Yummy Mummy offers classes and groups where even your weirdest questions will be answered. So boob time won't suck.

See the entire item on the Daily Candy website.

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When Breast Is Best

Pumping and dumping, latching, proper positioning—you're learning all the techniques, but breastfeeding is not going so swimmingly. Stop by Yummy Mummy, a just-opened uptown boutique that focuses on everything related to breastfeeding. This full-service, one-stop-shop for new and expectant parents focuses on nursing products and resources, as well as classes on lactation-related topics taught by Certified Lactation Consultants. From nursing bras and pads to books and DVDs, the specialty store run by an UES native and mother is all about making the breastfeeding experience a little easier.

For more, see the UrbanBaby New York news item.

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Pumped for Yummy Mummy

One stop shop for breastfeeding moms

By Sarah Liston

M is for May and mammaries! This month, the first and only breastfeeding store on the Upper East Side opens its doors. Its name should make you giggle: Yummy Mummy. This self-described one stop shop for the breastfeeding mom, at 1201 Lexington Ave. between 81st and 82nd, will have everything that nursing moms need to be their very best at breastfeeding: nursing bras, breast pumps, pads, DVDs, reference books and even weekly classes, special seminars and breastfeeding support groups.

See the complete item on the Our Town website

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Moms Only: New and expectant moms on the Upper East Side now have a shop just for them. This month, New York City mom and lactation educator Amanda Cole is opening Yummy Mummy, a breastfeeding emporium selling all the essentials, including breast pumps and extra parts, nursing tops and bras, nursing pads, and cover-ups, as well as more unusual items like post-cesarean panties and fashionable hospital gowns. The store will also host classes and support groups led by lactation consultants.

See a PDF of the item as it appeared on page 22 of the May 2009 issue

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Stroller Traffic

UES Moms Will No Longer Have To Schlep to the UWS For Pumps and Soothies: Yummy Mummy is slated to open this May, on Lexington Avenue in the 80s. Expect everything from Boppys and Hooter Hiders to shields and Lansinoh. Visit the Stroller Traffic website.

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