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A woman's decision about what kind of childbirth experience she wants to have is central to her politics, identity, and personality. Today's moms and moms-to-be are better informed about their options than ever before, but, perhaps not surprisingly, they confront rigid judgment from women who choose a different path. Women who opt for home birth are criticized for being reckless—what if there's a medical emergency? Women who opt for elective C-sections are considered selfish—their life is so busy they have to schedule an appointment to give birth?


Deliver This! provides a thorough overview of today's options: home birth; birthing centers; vaginal birth in a hospital (with or without anesthetics); elective and medically necessary C-sections. Author Marisa Cohen, who delivered both her daughters in a high-tech hospital, is both engaging and curious in her quest to understand why women make alternative choices—and why they feel fiercely defensive about them. In interviews with over one hundred women, Cohen listened to the debates over the best birthing experience, and explored creative solutions that bridge seemingly conflicting goals.


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