Bottle Feeding

  1. Honest Fast Flow Nipples


    These baby bottle nipples offer an innovative peristaltic nipple that mimic natural breastfeeding for easy assimilation and transitions between breast and bottle feeding.

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  2. Honest 8oz Silicone Baby Bottle


    This unique baby bottle is extra soft and squeezable, featuring a medical-grade peristaltic nipple to help reduce colic. Our silicone baby bottle holds 8 ounces and mimics natural feeding making them ideal to facilitate transitions between breast and bottle feeding. Perfect for formula feeding or breast milk.

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  3. Honest 5oz Silicone Baby Bottle


    With an extra soft, squeezable design and slow flow peristaltic nipple, our small baby bottles help reduce colic and offer a natural, wave-like motion to mimic breastfeeding.

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  4. Drying Station

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  5. Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Nipples Level 1

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