Breast Care

  1. Medela Softshells For Inverted Nipples


    The Medela Softshells For Inverted Nipples is a pair of two soft protective shells that is specifically designed for moms suffering from sore inverted nipples.

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  2. Medele Contact Nipple Shields


    The Medele Contact Nipple Shields is the solution for breastfeeding mothers with sore, flat or inverted nipples. It also give babies with latch-on problems the chance to enjoy breastfeeding.

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  3. Lansinoh Latch Assist


    Contains two flanges (19mm and 24mm)

    Helps baby latch on to ease engorgement naturally

    Draws out flat nipples

    Easy to use and clean

    Two flange sizes to ensure proper fit

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  4. Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads

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  5. Lansinoh Lanolin for Mothers

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  6. Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples


    The Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples alleviates sore nipples by providing a protective soft layer until the nipples heal.

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  7. Motherlove Goat's Rue

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  8. Motherlove More Milk Plus

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  9. Breast Wipes

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  10. Milkies Milk Saver


    Stay dry and collect every drop of your precious breast milk. The Milk-Saver was created by moms, for moms. Slim and soft, place into your bra or snug tank on the non-nursing breast and collect your leaking milk. Designed with love and made in Oregon using Earth friendly manufacturing.

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