Flat or Inverted Nipples

  1. Medele Contact Nipple Shields


    The Medele Contact Nipple Shields is the solution for breastfeeding mothers with sore, flat or inverted nipples. It also give babies with latch-on problems the chance to enjoy breastfeeding.

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  2. Medela Softshells For Inverted Nipples


    The Medela Softshells For Inverted Nipples is a pair of two soft protective shells that is specifically designed for moms suffering from sore inverted nipples.

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  3. Medela Nipple Shield Non-Sterile


    The Medela Nipple Shield Non-Sterile assists moms with inverted or flat nipples to provide their babies with breastmilk.

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  4. Lansinoh Latch Assist

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