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Supple Cups - #2 12.5mm

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Supple Cups are being used by a number of Lactation Consultants with amazing results. Made of silicone, Supple Cups are durable, washable, flexible, and are sold in pairs.


One of nature’s gifts is being able to breastfeed your baby, but for some mothers this is not always possible. Supple Cups help a baby latch-on by gently stretching the nipple. For many mothers this is a new and permanent solution for flat and inverted nipples. Supple Cups can reduce breastfeeding problems for many mothers. Your baby gets a deeper latch and has fewer problems latching on. Supple Cups will aid in correcting inverted nipples, and can also reduce edema and engorgement when a normal nipple is flattened. They work by creating a gentle vacuum from within, pulling the nipple into the Supple Cup.


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