Yummy Mummy DMEPOS Standards

Employer Standards

  • This organization shall comply with all local, state and federal regulations that apply.
  • The organization does not accept bribes, kickbacks or tips for any purpose.
  • The company is not part of the ownership of any other entity that generates referrals to it.
  • All employees are trained on proper business conduct.
  • All employees are given instruction on the company’s Policies and Procedures.
  • All information regarding our clients’ medical conditions are kept confidential and only released by signature from the client.
  • All insurance claims reflect products or services that are actually delivered.
  • Exact billing codes that match the Certificate of Medical Necessity Diagnosis will be used on all claims.
  • A licensed physician must approve and complete appropriate documentation for medical equipment, where applicable.
  • All marketing materials and advertisements are honest, informative and non-deceptive.
  • All potential employees are screened and references are checked.

Employee Standards

  • No employee will knowingly engage in deceptive, misleading or fraudulent acts.
  • No employee will accept any monetary remuneration from clients or referring sources.
  • All employees will follow company Policies and Procedures that relate to their position.
  • All customer information shall remain confidential.
  • Customer information will not be released without the customer’s knowledge and written permission.
  • All information given to potential clients will be truthful, factual and informative.


Accreditation Certificate