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My Brest Friend Aqua Marina

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Product Overview


My Brest Friend is the only pillow designed to perfectly position baby for latch-on while supporting mom’s body where she needs it most. Mom is comfortable and at ease. Baby is nursing, healthy and happy.


My Brest Friend Original Breastfeeding Pillow is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like other crescent shaped pillows. It provides support, comfort and security to both mom and baby, making breastfeeding more enjoyable and successful. Wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on. Back rest helps you maintain good posture during feeding, preventing sore back and neck. Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling off. Adjustable, silent-release buckle unlatches without waking baby. Adjusts and supports baby directly at breast to help achieve latch every time. Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, and other items within reach. Ideal for C-section tummies.