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Vaginal Care

  1. Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray

    Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray


    Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray Learn More
  2. Birth & Baby Oil

    Birth & Baby Oil


    An all natural mild scented oil ideal for perineal massage during child birth and labor. With certified organic lavender flowers and no essential oils, it is gentle enough for baby's newborn skin. This oil is excellent for dry skin and cradle cap. Motherlove's birth & baby oil has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG skin deep database.

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  3. Motherlove Rhoid Balm

    Motherlove Rhoid Balm


    Certified Organic Ingredients

    extra virgin olive oil


    witch hazel leaf

    plantain herb

    yarrow herb

    calendula flowerCertified Organic Ingredients Learn More

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