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The Basics

Yummy Mummy is pleased to offer the Medela Symphony and Ameda Elite hospital-grade breast pumps for rental.

You will need a prescription with a valid diagnosis code from your OB/GYN in your name.

You may extend your rental period at any time by calling toll free 855-87-YUMMY (879-8669) or by emailing us.

What Is a Hospital-Grade Pump?

Both the Medela Symphony and the Ameda Elite breast pumps are FDA-approved as multiple-user pumps. They offer efficient and powerful pumping for maximum milk expression.

Delivery by UPS Ground Service *

We are proud to offer free UPS ground service for the delivery and return of your hospital-grade pump throughout the country.


Call toll free 855-87-YUMMY (879-8669) or or use the convenient contact form above.

Some Helpful Information About Renting a Pump Through Your Insurance

As you may already know, the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to cover womens' preventative services. For moms that may mean a double-electric breast pump, breast pump supplies, and/or counseling and support with no cost-sharing (co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles) to the mother. Because standard electric breast pumps provide the performance and features that most moms need, the large majority of plans will not cover a hospital-grade breast pump unless there is a medical necessity for one.

To prove a medical necessity, a mother will be required to send Yummy Mummy a prescription from her physician. Because hospital-grade pumps are generally not covered without showing medical necessity, many moms who wish to use a hospital-grade pump choose to rent one without the use of their insurance. Please note that while a majority of plans will cover a standard electric breast pump during the last 30 days of a woman's pregnancy, plans will not cover a hospital-grade pump before the baby is born.

If you are an Aetna member, please note that, according to the Aetna policy bulletin on breast pumps, Aetna considers rental of a reusable breast pump medically necessary durable medical equipment (DME) when either of the following criteria is met:

  • For the period of time that a newborn is detained in the hospital after the mother is discharged; breast pump rental is not considered medically necessary once the newborn is discharged; or
  • For babies who have congenital disorders that interfere with feeding, a breast pump is considered medically necessary for up to 12 months of age.