1. Medela Storage Bottle 150 ML


    This breastmilk storage bottle is made by Medela. It has a capacity of 150 ML.

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  2. Medela Storage Bottle 8 OZ


    This 8 oz. storage bottle is free from harmful BPA to ensure that the wonderful benefits of breast milk is retained.

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    Medela Storage Bottle 80 ML

    Medela Storage Bottle 80 ML

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    The Medela Storage Bottle 80 ML is an easy to store container for pumped breast milk.

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  4. Medela Storage Bottle Cap


    The Medela Storage Bottle Cap covers Medela breastmilk bottles and container collection.

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  5. Medela Symphony Car Adapter

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  6. Medela Symphony Membrane Cap


    This Medela Symphony Membrane Cap is a spare part for Medela’s Symphony breastpump models.

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  7. Medela Symphony Sterile Kit

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  8. Medela Tubing Set - 42" Silicone


    The Medela Tubing Set - 42" Silicone is a replacement tubing for breastpumps. It is compatible with models such as Classic, Symphony, Pump in Style and Lactina.

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  9. Milkscreen 8-Pack

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