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  1. Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor

    Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor


    With the Medela 9V Vehicle Adaptor, you can privately pump inside the comfort of your vehicle.

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  2. Medela Widebase Bottle Collar
  3. Medela Nipple Cap

    Medela Nipple Cap


    The Medela Nipple Cap is a replacement or extra bottle cap that works with Medela Bottles.

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  4. OXO Bottle Brush with Stand

    OXO Bottle Brush with Stand


    From gentle cleaning to serious scrubbing, this Bottle Brush offers soft and firm bristles to get the job done. Inside the handle is a bristled nipple cleaner, which gets residue out of tight spots like nipples and breast pump parts. Flexible neck reaches inside bottles of different shapes and sizes.

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