Boob Scoop

Mothers often wonder how they will ever get to pump enough milk to fill up 8oz bottles, especially when returning to work. The reality is that most breastfeeding mothers won't ever pump that amount, so go ahead and sigh in relief. The reason for this is that after the first month, milk volume stays about the same, increasing somewhat during times of growth spurts, but instead changes in composition. The change in composition is the key element. Unique to breastmilk is the fact that it changes according to a baby's age. Remarkable, right? So although your baby is getting about the same in volume, from the end of month 1- 6, your breastmilk is continuously adjusting in composition to meet her growing and developmental needs. This is great news for protecting a baby's size by providing her with the right amount of food, without over stretching her belly. This is in fact, part of the reason why breastfed babies are at a lower risk for obesity throughout their childhood and later on in life.