Finding the Right Breast Pump for You 

If you Google the words “breast pumps”, you’ll notice right away there are numerous breast pumps on the market today, and if you are a first-time mom, so many options can be confusing and even overwhelming.  The process of picking a pump is sort of like buying a car…if you have never driven one before.  While there is no “best breast pump” there are certain features that you should consider when picking the best breast pump for you.

Size & Weight:
If you plan to travel a lot or will need to tote your pump around town you might want to consider a smaller and lighter pump such as the new Mya Pump from Ameda.  It weighs half a pound and fits in the palm of your hand.

Noise Level:
Evenflo’s Double Electric Breast Pump is now quieter than ever, so if a noisy motor is a concern, consider this pump with three flange sizes and 32 setting combinations.  The Spectra S1 & S2 are also quiet and have a little night light so you don’t have to pump in the dark.

Where You Will Pump:
If you plan to pump mainly at work, ask your employer if there is a motherhood room you can use.  Some come equipped with a hospital-grade Medela Symphony pump.  If that’s the case, you can leave your double electric pump at home and just bring your accessories to work to use with the Symphony.

How Often You Plan to Pump:
If you are planning to breastfeed and bottle feed, a personal double electric pump is most likely the best option for you.  The Medela Pump In Style Starter Set is great for moms who have to pump often because mom can express her milk in just a few minutes.

Whatever your breastfeeding plan is, you should contact your insurance provider to see which pumps they will cover.  Most moms can get a breast pump through their insurance as long as you order it through an in-network Durable Medical Equipment provider such as Yummy Mummy.  Once you have completed your research and decided on the best breast pump for you, complete your order in three easy steps here.
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We will take care of the rest and ship it straight to your door.