Signs of a Good Latch

While your baby is breastfeeding, you shouldn’t feel any pain or pinching. How it feels is more important than how it looks, but the following signs usually indicate a good latch:

Your baby’s chest is against your body, and your baby can drink without turning his or her head.

You can see little or no areola while your baby is nursing. Your baby’s mouth should be filled with breast, not just with the nipple. If part of the areola is showing, you should see more above your baby’s mouth and less below.

Your baby’s tongue should be sucking under the breast.

You can hear or see your baby swallowing. You may hear your baby gulping, or just notice a pause in your baby’s breathing.

Your baby’s ears wiggle slightly as he or she sucks and swallows.

Your baby’s mouth should be wide open with the lips turning out, not in. Your baby’s chin will touch your breast, and you may not even see your baby’s bottom lip while he or she is nursing.