Hospital Bag Essentials

Take the guesswork out of packing your bag. Yummy Mummy gives you the lowdown on what you'll need to start breastfeeding.

Nursing Pads

Look for a disposable pad that has an absorbent lining to draw milk away and into the core of the pad, keeping skin and clothing dry.

Milk Makers Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are an easy, delicious, and nutritious way to help boost milk supply. One to two cookies a day can help you reap the full benefits.

Belly Bandit

This specialized material provides aid in constricting the belly, minimizing stretch marks and supporting core muscle structure. This provides a balance of comfort and compression while supporting the back. Moms who have had C-sections find them incredibly helpful.

Nipple Cream

Get your breasts off to a good start with a safe, non-toxic nipple cream.

Nursing Bras

Provide easy access for your little one to nuzzle and nurse.


Flimsy hospital gowns are hardly discreet, let alone comfortable. Get cozy in a soft and stylish nightgown or PJs specially designed for easy nursing.

Preggie Pop Drops

All natural, drug-free and recommended by healthcare professionals to provide relief from morning sickness. Also a great addition to your labor bag to help with dry mouth and to provide a nice energy boost.

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