BFF (Breast Friends Forever)

Yummy Mummy Opens You have it in your head how this whole bundle of joy thing plays out. After an easy-breezy pregnancy, your wee one takes to the breast instantaneously, protecting herself from allergies, while sucking off all your baby weight.


More than likely, you'll encounter a few bumps (and blisters) on the way to breast-feeding bliss.

Yummy Mummy, the Upper East Side's new one-stop shop for all things nursing, has the supplies and support you need to make the whole lactation experience as stress free and rewarding as possible. With everything from nursing bras and pads to pumps and helpful DVDs, your transition from hospital to home will be a cinch. In addition, Yummy Mummy offers classes and groups where even your weirdest questions will be answered. So boob time won't suck.

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