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It takes a kind and patient soul to explain to a brand-new dad the mechanics of breast pumps, and Amanda Cole, owner of Yummy Mummy, has it down pat. "They're so sweet when they come in," she says, as she turns to a dazed but beaming father and compares the pump he's eyeing to a Mercedes-Benz. Cole, a lifelong Upper East Sider, decided to launch the business this past spring, when her own daughter was just a few months old. "I had a hard time getting the hang of nursing, and I realized the neighborhood needed a place like this," she says.

Faster than you can say "clogged milk ducts," Yummy Mummy, with its soothing pale-yellow walls and user-friendly displays, was open. The store sells everything a nursing mom could ever need—shields, balms and pillows as well as chic outfits from Boob and Majamas—and hosts weekly support groups and classes. And if you choose not to nurse, you're just as welcome: An entire wall is devoted to bottles.

1201 Lexington Ave between 81st and 82nd Sts (212-879-8669,

Time Out New York Kids / Issue 47 : Sep 1-30, 2009

Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

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