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Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor

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Product Overview


The Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor is a handy vehicle adaptor that is compatible with Freestyle, Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps (produced before January 2008) and Lactina.


The Medela 12V Portable Vehicle Adaptor gives nursing moms the opportunity to pump privately in their cars. You can use this 12-volt vehicle adaptor with three Medela breastpump – Lactina, Pump in Style Advanced breastpumps and Freestyle. Please do take note that Pump In Style model should be manufactured before January 2008. This adaptor doesn’t work with Single Deluxe, Pump In Style with 9 volts and Symphony. It is essential to read your car’s manual as it may not also work for all vehicle outlets.

This portable vehicle adaptor includes an 8-foot long cord so you can place the pump at the most convenient position inside your car. Once connected to your car, it can increase the pump’s speed so re-adjusting the speed setting is necessary.

Key Features

  • A convenient alternative power option for Pump In Style® Advanced breastpumps (manufactured prior to January 2008), Lactina®, and Freestyle® breastpumps: Not for use with the Symphony®, Single Deluxe™, or 9V Pump In Style® breastpumps
  • 8-foot long cord: Gives you some extra room to charge your pump in your vehicle
  • Use of the portable vehicle adaptor will slightly increase the pumping speed of the Pump In Style breastpumps: Adjust pumping speed accordingly for comfort
  • Adaptor may not work with all vehicle lighter outlets: Refer to your vehicle owners manual to check compatibility with your vehicle lighter