Better Breasts

Give your breasts a break! Soothe sore nipples, hide leaks, or ease engorgement discomfort. Whatever your breasts need, Yummy Mummy has the product to provide relief.

Nipple Cream

Sore nipples are quite common in the first few days of breastfeeding. Treat them with a safe, topical nipple cream.

Nursing Pads

Protect your shirt from embarrassing leaks with safe and absorbent nursing pads.

Hydrogel Pads

These pads, which tuck right into your bra provide cooling relief for sore nipples

Lily Padz

Lily Pads are non-absorbent nursing pads that offer a more fitted look than traditional nursing pads and work perfectly under slinky tops or body-hugging dresses.

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Bottle Feeding Basics

Whether your partner is giving a bottle so you can catch up on sleep or run to the gym, or you are planning to pump and bottle feed, or you are transitioning from breast to bottle, BPA-free bottles are a must.


Choose from one of our BPA-free bottles. All are "wide-neck" which should help your baby transition back and forth from breast to bottle.

Dishwasher Basket

Most pumping and bottle pieces are top-shelf safe. Save time washing your bottle parts with a dishwashing basket.

Bottle Nipples

Nipple level, which determines flow, will change as your baby grows. Level 1 nipples are best for babies from newborn to three months; Level 2 nipples are best for babies from three to six months, and Level 3 nipples are best for babies six months and older.

Medela Quick Clean Soap

Removes stubborn breastmilk residue up to three days old. This no-scrub soap is safe and hypoallergenic with no added fragrance or taste that might discourage baby from breastfeeding.

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As a general rule of thumb, you'll want at least three nursing bras: one in the laundry, one in the drawer, and one on you. The right fit will keep you comfortable and looking great!

Sleep Bras

For maximum nighttime comfort

Support Bras

For everyday wear

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Feeding Friendly Fashion

Feel comfortable breastfeeding! Nursing shirts hide what you don't want the world to see while still providing easy access for your little one.

Nursing Tops

We recommend two short-sleeved, or one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved shirt for everyday wear, depending on season.

Nursing Tank Tops

For warmer days, or to wear underneath your favorite cardigan.


Nursing dresses require zero thought and offer 100% comfort.


Perfect for midnight feedings.

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Hospital Bag Essentials

Take the guesswork out of packing your bag. Yummy Mummy gives you the lowdown on what you'll need to start breastfeeding.

Nursing Pads

Look for a disposable pad that has an absorbent lining to draw milk away and into the core of the pad, keeping skin and clothing dry.

Milk Makers Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are an easy, delicious, and nutritious way to help boost milk supply. One to two cookies a day can help you reap the full benefits.

Belly Bandit

This specialized material provides aid in constricting the belly, minimizing stretch marks and supporting core muscle structure. This provides a balance of comfort and compression while supporting the back. Moms who have had C-sections find them incredibly helpful.

Nipple Cream

Get your breasts off to a good start with a safe, non-toxic nipple cream.

Nursing Bras

Provide easy access for your little one to nuzzle and nurse.


Flimsy hospital gowns are hardly discreet, let alone comfortable. Get cozy in a soft and stylish nightgown or PJs specially designed for easy nursing.

Preggie Pop Drops

All natural, drug-free and recommended by healthcare professionals to provide relief from morning sickness. Also a great addition to your labor bag to help with dry mouth and to provide a nice energy boost.

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Mommy & Baby Comfort

Enhance your breastfeeding experience by investing in a few simple breastfeeding accessories. Your back, breasts, and baby will thank you.

Nursing Pillow

Correct positioning is key to successful breastfeeding. And a good nursing pillow not only allows your baby to get comfortable, but also helps prop up tired backs.

Nursing Cover

A chic and compact breastfeeding cover will help you breastfeed comfortably and discreetly — any time, anywhere.

Nursing Bras

Specially designed for nursing mothers, nursing bras offer support, comfort and easy access to feed any time, anywhere.

Nursing Stool

Nursing stools can reduce lower back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain by helping you maintain a supported, comfortable position throughout the feeding.

Teething Bling Necklace

Teething Bling is a safe teething product that allows you to easily entertain and soothe your baby with erupting teeth.

Muslin Swaddles

These soft swaddle blankets are incredibly versatile. They can be used to swaddle your baby, be draped over a stroller to shade napping baby, or even used as a nursing cover in a pinch.

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Prime the Pump Checklist

Take the guesswork out of packing your bag. Yummy Mummy gives you the lowdown on what you'll need to start breastfeeding.


Rent or buy? Manual or electric? There are a number of different pumps to cater to al needs. Speak with a Yummy Mummy specialist about which pump is best for you. And don't forget to reach out to your insurance carrier to see if you are covered for a breast pump under your insurance plan.

PumpEase™ Hands-free Pumping Bra

Send an email. Eat a bowl of ice cream. Write a thank-you note. Read a magazine. Free your hands and make the best of your time pumping with a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra.

Milk Storage Bags

A must-have if you plan to pump and store your milk for future use,

Dishwasher Basket

Save time washing your pump supplies with a dishwasher basket.

Cooler Set

What a "cool" idea! A specially designed cooler and freezer pack will keep all of that precious breast milk safe and cool, whether you are bringing it home from the office or are packing for a road trip.

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Great Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for the soon-to-be or new mom? Here are a few great gift ideas.


Give a new mom the gift of style and comfort with a nightgown or PJs specially outfitted with a discreet nursing slit for breastfeeding. Perfect for her pregnancy, hospital stay, and night nursing sessions.


Watch a new mom squeem with delight as her Squeem top instantly reduces her waistline.

Nursing Tops

A practical and stylish nursing top keeps mom's bosoms and bellies covered while feeding.

Total Body Pillow

Designed to follow the body line to offer support and realignment for the neck, belly, back, and hips. It provides the ultimate in comfort before, during, and after pregnancy.

Breast Pump Tote

This tote will let her carry her pump and accessories in style. Designed for function as well as fashion, it is ideal for going to work, the park, or on a play-date.



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